5 Fundamentals of Web Design


Have you ever visited a website and go “Blergh”? Or perhaps resulting you with a slight migraine and in need of an immediate dosage of Panadol? Or maybe the one that you regretted till now and the reason why are you afraid of internet ( I know I am a bit exaggerating but people have fears, okay )? We, from a company apart of web design Malaysia, know the problems behind those sloppy websites. It is either you want some assistance in building your website or you want us to redesign, feel free to contact us. We care for your desire of wanting a great website and therefore we assure you that there are certain rules in web developing sites are strictly followed for your own good.

Remember! There are 5 basic rules in web designing. The first one is to make sure that your website does not make your visitors lost. By all means, easy navigation and is not complicated. Imagine this, you are on your way to a formal family occasion and your loyal companion Waze offers two routes – one is complicated and another one is simpler yet the shortest. Which one will be your choice? Obviously, everyone prefers the fastest route. This also implies in Sterrific Web Design. As we know, we Malaysians are very conscious in surfing the web and lurking around websites. Everyone wants an orderly fashion and organized websites. Most importantly fast (duhhh) Avoid slow-loading flash pages at all costs! Your visitor will get lost and also when he or she comes back, they are going to get frustrated and probably won’t bother to visit your website again. For them, waiting can be painful and torturing especially when we currently live in a fast-moving technology era where everything is quick. A slow-loading flash page? A big no.

Another downside is by having too many banner advertisements that is a major turn-off and will chase away your future possible visitors. Banners are useless as visitors either choose to completely ignore it or get distracted thus, switching to other websites. So, do you still think that banners advertisements are appropriate? Think again. Sterrific will care for your website to make sure that the is no such distractions and to cater what your website needs such as updated and trendy interface, a fast server and free from advertisements.

Please keep it mind that a splash page is a must avoid. A big mistake. Splash pages are useless pages. They have these non-essential buttons like “ENTER” or “CLICK HERE TO PROCEED”. Malaysians hate this type of time wasting. You want to get to the content as quickly as you can. Trust me, the feeling you get, waiting for a long time for a page to load and turns up it is just a lousy fancy “WELCOME” page that needs another useless interaction, you will end up irritated and annoyed. Is it necessary? Of course not. That is why you must avoid impractical splash pages. Another useless interface is the automated background music. I mean why do some think by having that is a great idea for a stickiness value to the website. It is very troublesome and will just annoy people away. Plus, it is very unprofessional.

Another tip: Always include information contact like where visitors can enquire questions and can straight-away contact you. Important details like email and contact number are convenient.