Long Distance Moving Get The Job Done

A Simple Guide on Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes

Long distance move is a bit elaborate and complicated as compared to local moving. This is because a lot of work is involved in planning, organizing and then executing the same. And when it comes to moving costs, there are so many tasks involved with moving, that people often miss a few of them or wrongly consider the others. In such cases, long distance moving companies quotes go a long way in managing your moving cost more effectively. Before you settle for a company that meets your moving needs, it is essential to get moving quotes from three to four moving companies and analyze them to get the best quote that suits your budget.

Often, long distance moving companies quotes are estimated based on the distance of your move and the weight of your belongings. Which means more weight of your stuff and the longer distance you need to cover, which further means higher moving quotes.

Long distance moving companies quotes should have at least the following:

A detailed list of your belongings along with their weight and volume

In case of any packing supplies needed for your relocation

Any additional charges like stairs charges, narrow lane and so on

Insurance coverage

Terms and method of payment

Why bother yourself to get long distance moving companies quotes? Just like other factors, moving quotes also have its importance like:

The moving quotes facilitate the decision in choosing the best moving company. This is done by comparing moving estimates from different moving companies, which allows you to choose the company that is near to your budget and offers all the moving services that you require.

With the help of moving quotes, you can save money by upto 40% on moving costs.

Few Considerations on How to Choose a Mover

Quality of the services provided by the moving company: Choosing cheap long distance movers can prove to be expensive in the long run. Moving quotes allows you to know both costs and quality of services. Compare the company’s professionalism, and reliability, associated with the moving estimates. It is better to pay more for high-quality service instead of settling for cheap and poor quality services

Any additional costs involved in your move: Additional charges include storage costs, insurance costs, and more. You should collect as much information before you settle for a moving quote. You can reduce your additional services if you need to decrease your moving costs.

Tips for long-distance house moves

When you’re undertaking a long-distance move across, whether it’s for a new job, to be closer to family, or simply to enjoy new surroundings, there’s more to consider than with a regular move. That said, there are many things you can do to make the big move as stress-free as possible.

The best time for long-distance moves

Wherever possible, you should look to move long distances in the summer. If you have children, this prevents disruption to school, and allows them to settle in before starting somewhere new.

Choosing a long-distance moving company

If you’re moving long distances, it’s best to pick a removals company that has branches at both your old and new address. A company that offers nationwide relocation services will have local knowledge to ensure the best traffic routes are taken and the crew will be able to handle any unforeseen circumstances quickly and efficiently. After the move, your long-distance moving company will be able to collect any leftover packing materials and take any items for storage to their nearby storage facility.

Plan your long-distance move

You’ll need to plan your journey so you will meet your movers at your new home at the right time. To prevent any additional charges from unforeseen delays, you can invest in a late key waiver or cancellation waiver with your long-distance removal company.

Make sure to map out your journey well in advance, and plan any rest stops. The AA recommends taking a 15-minute break every two hours, and not driving more than 8 hours in a day. You might need to plan an overnight stay — book your hotel in advance to get the best price.

Best Long Distance Moving Companies

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can ever do. Whether it is residential moving, long distance moving, moving cross borders, or commercial moving, the process can be a disaster if you don’t trust the right long distance moving company.

There are several factors that determine whether you can trust a long distance moving company. It should have a strong track record, it should be well accredited by organizations

Services Offered

Pick Up and Drop Off: They drop off their (i.e., their storage container), whenever you choose. You can even have it dropped off several days before moving so you have plenty of time to pack. Once you’re done loading up the containers, they pick it up and move it to your preferred destination. The rents by the month giving the homeowner more time without any extra expense.

Long Distance Moving: They can provide moving services across, although they provide the greatest value when they have a store in both the origin and destination city.

Local Moving: They also provide local moving services within cities where they have a store.

Corporate Relocation: They can transfer staff members or entire offices to new locations.

Storage: They offer portable storage solutions. These storage containers can be either stored at your home for easy access or you can fill a Box and have it stored at storage facility. The containers range from 8’ to 40’ in size and they are all wind, water, and rodent-proof, and fire-resistant.

Services Offered by Moving Company

Household moving

Commercial moving

International moving

Corporate relocation

Long distance moving

Piano moving

Packing and unpacking

Moving and storage

Cross country moving

Freight and shipping

Services Offered

Residential Moving.

Commercial and Office Moving.

Long Distance Moving across and moving cross border to the U.S. and beyond.

Storage in custom-sized wooden crates in a 22,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled warehouse.

Packing services for an additional cost.

The Ultimate Guide to Moving in Together

Moving in together is a big step for any relationship. Not only can moving in together be a test of you and your partner’s long-term viability, but it is also often a big financial commitment. Like any move, moving in with your partner involves a great deal of planning and coordination.

Moving and life transitions can be stressful situations, even when you are moving in with the love of your life. To help reduce stress during the transition, the following guide compiles knowledge from relationship and moving experts that will make moving in with boyfriend or girlfriend go smoothly.

The biggest key to success is to be on the same page as your partner. You’ll need to agree on who is responsible for what, and what each partner is contributing to the new household. Before you move-in together,  have a serious discussion with your partner to talk out all of the aspects of your new life together to make sure that both of you will be happy with the arrangement.

Here are some of the most important topics you’ll need to address:





Personal Space


Financial Arrangements

Couples should talk about several things before moving in together. Money and finances are at the top of the list. This can be a touchy subject for some, but getting it all sorted out now and save a heap of heartache down the road.

Find a comfortable and private place and discuss the following:

How you’ll pay for moving costs

Who will cover the deposit and/or first month’s rent

How will general bills be divvied up

Your financial history if significant (debt, loans, bankruptcy, etc.)

How you’ll handle different income levels

If you’ll lean toward saving or spending as a couple

Your emotional relationship with money

In the event of a breakup, decide who gets the place

Potential issues either of you foresees

Local Moving Services

Local moving services include:

Loading, transportation, and unloading

Padding of all furniture with blankets

Free visual estimates

Basic mover’s liability protection

Punctual, professional, and efficient crew

No extra charge for up to 3 stories walk-ups, elevators, pianos, or appliances

No extra charge for furniture that requires disassembly and re-assembly

Local moves are charged by an hourly rate.

The hourly rate begins when your crew arrives on the job site and ends when you are completely moved into your new home. There are no additional fees for extra stops, as these are included in the hourly charge. Special rates are available on off-peak dates of every month.

There is a travel time fee assessed for local moves.

This charge covers the time it will take to arrive at your location and return to our facilities at the end of your move. This charge varies depending on the location of the pick-up and drop-off. The truck will be equipped with additional boxes and packing materials that can be provided at an extra charge, even at the last minute.