How A Reputable Office Movers Protects Your Vital Records

Specialist office movers

office movers are part of our Business Solutions division, offering a portfolio of services which helps thousands of businesses each year to optimise and design a new office environment, and relocate their staff and infrastructure to new premises.

If you utilise moving and storage services in more than one area of your organisation, by choosing multiple services

office removals services are delivered by professional experts, national branch experts and international resources. Customer satisfaction is highest priority and every aspect of accredited service is underpinned by passionate people, proven processes and innovative technology.

COVID-19 Guidance for Customers

Due to the unprecedented situation with regard to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the removal industry has had to review its operational procedures in order to protect both customers and employees from the risk of infection

removal teams have had instruction on how to maximise protection while working within the close quarters of your home to ensure your safety. This includes safe use of PPE, frequent washing of hands and sanitising vehicles, and the washing of uniforms daily at high temperatures.

Office Move Team

Office moves are monumental, but if you start the process the moment you think you’re changing spaces, they get a lot easier. This is second office move, and while may be experts in creating workspaces, still face many of the same obstacles clients do. So, thought document experience.

started with the listening phase and been listening to internal feedback for a while now – after all, the first step to creating a really great brief is fully understanding your client.

Q: Who’s been involved in the office move process so far?

A: “I think a better question would be ‘who hasn’t been involved in the office move?’ have put a process in place to make sure that everybody who wants to add value to the process gets to have a say, whether it’s through a diary room, through a formal one-to-one interview or through workshops. So, I think pretty much everyone – it’s an all-encompassing process.”

Q: What has been the most challenging aspect to date?

A: “So, I think the overall design feel of the office, who holds that? Because Creative Director, is running the design but he doesn’t want to be the designer, because got a whole host of very talented young designers and he wants them to all add value. Working out how that’s going to be pulled together, that’s the most challenging conversation I think I’ve heard so far.”

Q: Why is it important for businesses to invest in their workspace?

A: “Because it’s an opportunity to establish the environment that accurately portrays the correct operational way of working. So, when you’re trying to grow organisations or change the nature of the way an organisation operates – and for, it’s a lot about growth and reinvigoration – your new office won’t do that on its own, but it will be one of the catalysts to let that growth happen. I think that’s a real important part of it.”

Planning an office move

This will help in ensuring you can get back up and running again smoothly.

Username of person moving

UG number of PC being moved

Mac Address of PC

IP address of PC

Machine Name of PC

Current room number and Building

Current socket number PC is plugged into

New room number and Building

New socket number PC to be plugged into

Telephone number

Socket number telephone is plugged into

New socket number telephone is to be moved to

Date of move

Things to consider

You will need to contact Facilities Management to arrange for office furniture and IT equipment to be moved. Visit your new office beforehand to visually inspect the space you will be moving into. You may find that there are not enough network or phone sockets to meet your needs. If this is the case, contact the IT Service Desk to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

To find the socket numbers

Look at the number above the right hand side of the network socket your PC is connected to. The network socket will be on the wall or inside a panel on the floor.

To find the MAC and IP address of your PC

Click on the start button

Select run

Type cmd and then press return, you will then see a black screen.

Type ipconfig/all

You will find IP address and the physical(MAC) address in this list of information.

To find the machine name of your PC

Right-click on the My Computer icon (Looks like a computer, usually on the top-left of the desktop)

Select properties

Select the tab that will be called either network identification or machine name

The machine name can be found under Full computer name

Things to Consider when Moving Your Office

Is an office move on your company’s horizon? Whether yours is a small, midsize, or large business, there are several things you can do to ensure a hassle-free moving experience with minimal downtime.

Give Everyone a Job to Do

Creating a moving checklist is an excellent way to get everyone involved. Your checklist should cover everything required before moving and after moving into your new office. Depending on the size of your move, you might want to create a “move committee” charged with executing your moving plan, crossing off tasks as they’re completed, adding new tasks when necessary, and keeping everyone busy.

Alert Your Current Vendors

Well before your actual moving day, make sure to contact your current vendors regarding your move. If you’re moving to a building that’s local, you may only need to give your vendors a change of address. But if your new office is in a different state, you’ll probably need to cancel services with your existing vendors and contract with vendors in your new city.

Post a Schedule

Whenever a business contracts with for office relocation services, explain the necessity of creating a schedule with all relevant target dates, and posting it in a high-traffic location so everyone is aware of what’s happening. The entire office should of course be aware of the final move-out date and the expected date of arrival in the new office. Add other relevant dates pertaining to your office space, i.e. “IT backup day”, “cleaning day”, etc.

Hire Movers

No matter how big or small your business, it’s a virtual certainty that you’ll require the expertise of a full-service commercial moving company. Assign one or two co-workers to determine a moving budget, create a list of candidates, interview each one, conduct the necessary background checks and reference confirmations, and make the hire.

key traits of reliable office movers

those aren’t so easy to come by. That’s why you need to know the general rules and qualities to look for when searching for your moving team. And all of these key traits of reliable office movers should be checked off your list before sealing the deal with your movers.

Depending on your moving needs, there are many different things you could look for in movers. For example, you could look for a team that provides commercial junk removal services or you could need a team that deals with labor services only

You need to know that the team you have hired is a trustworthy one. After all, how else are you supposed to entrust them with all of your office possessions? Look up the previous experience of other people and decide based on their comments whether they are a good and trustworthy option.


Have you received a couple of word-of-mouth recommendations for the movers in questions? Have you heard their name come up once or twice in previous conversations? If you have, then you can rest assured you have found a reputable moving company, and those companies usually live up to their reputation.


The cheapest moving company definitely doesn’t equal the best moving company. But neither does the most expensive one. Good movers that care about you won’t impose steep prices. So if you stumble upon a company with reasonable pricing options, you have most likely found good office movers.