Choosing And Hiring A Residential Cleaning Service

Steps to Starting a House-Cleaning Business

Do you clean your house so well that you could start your own house-cleaning business? Do you want to be your own boss? Don’t laugh; the home-cleaning business is becoming one of the hottest topics today.  Not only that, but it is one of the easiest home-based businesses to start. The major advantage is that it requires minimum start-up funds. You typically use your clients’ cleaning supplies, and out-of-pocket expenses will be light. If you are ready to  start a house-cleaning service, follow these eight steps to ensure your new business is a success.

Decide Your Game Plan

Decide whether you want a side business to generate extra cash each month or if you want a full-time, house-cleaning business. For years women have been successfully using house-cleaning work as a part-time way to make extra cash. If you are looking for a small gig on the side, start out with one or two clients to service each week. A brief cleaning may offer the basics: dusting, vacuuming and mopping.

If you decide to make it your full-time job, your house-cleaning business can offer a more in-depth cleaning in addition to the standard dusting and vacuuming. A list of extras include: blind cleaning, window washing, polishing silver and mildew removal. The additional items will require more time at each job, and the rate should reflect this.

Research the Competition

The next thing you need to do is research the market. What is the going rate for housecleaning services in your area? Do you want to charge the going rate or come in a little lower? Your first instinct might be to come in lower to draw business, but be cautious. While the start-up costs for the cleaning business are low, you be driving to each location and the cost of gas is significant, not to mention your time.

Which days you are willing to work? If it is part-time, you may only offer Saturday morning cleaning or one evening a week. If you are doing housecleaning as a full-time job, you may still be able to have weekends off if you could do all your cleaning during the week. Most of your clients will probably want you to clean their house while they are at work.

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Types of Household Cleaning Products

Cleaning house means cleaning surfaces like floors, walls, windows, rugs and appliances. Except for rugs and upholstery, most household surfaces are “hard.” Technically, household cleaning is “hard surface cleaning.”

No single product can provide optimum performance on all surfaces and all soils. Thus, it is not surprising that many different household cleaners are available in the marketplace. They are formulated to clean efficiently and conveniently in the many different situations found in the home. Some are designed for more general use, such as all-purpose cleaners, while others are designed to work best on specific surfaces and/or soils.


Abrasive cleaners are designed to remove relatively heavy amounts of soil often found in small areas. They come in powder and liquid form and contain a kind of built-in elbow grease, which helps cut down on the hard rubbing required to remove soil. Scouring pads are also included in this category.

The abrasive action is provided by a variety of ingredients: small particles of minerals or a network of fine steel wool, copper, nylon or metal particles imbedded in a matrix of solid plastic


Non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaners are marketed in different forms. They are offered as powders that can be dissolved to the proper strength and as liquids that can be diluted or used full strength. The newest powders and liquids are concentrated products. Liquids are also available as trigger sprays, in aerosol cans or in pump-actuated bottles.


When a family or property owner is left to clean their home after a death, it can be incredibly overwhelming. In addition to shouldering the emotional burden of a trauma, whether it is due to homicide, suicide, or natural causes, property owners can also be even more overwhelmed when they find out they are often responsible for cleaning up the site after the fact.

Rather than calling on friends or family to help, property owners need to protect themselves and others from potentially harmful biohazards and bloodborne pathogens that could come from contaminated body fluids left unseen at the site. Because the average layperson is not fully trained in proper cleanup techniques, the best way to ensure safety is to hire a professional trauma cleanup company.


a trauma cleanup and bioremediation company dedicated to discreetly and compassionately helping people for almost 20 years. As national leaders in the industry

Don’t attempt to clean a house after a death is discovered — it’s worth it to you and others’ health and safety to call professionals.

Cleaning Products That Professionals Swear By

A good all-purpose cleaner can help you tackle multiple areas of the house, thus reducing the number of cleaning products you need to maintain a tidy home.

cleaning services agree that microfiber cloths are a must-have for any cleaning arsenal. The small fibers are more effective at grabbing dust and dirt than other cloths, plus they’re cleaner than sponges and more sustainable than paper towels. Use them wet or dry on any surface

You don’t always need strong chemicals to disinfect and clean germ-covered surfaces: Germaphobes have a safe alternative in white vinegar. This pantry item is a natural solution for clearing clogs, banishing soap scum, and sanitizing surfaces

Another must-have cleaner that you probably already own: Baking soda. This kitchen staple can be used to scrub, polish, and shine dull or stained surfaces.

All-purpose cleaners and white vinegar are excellent for cleaning almost any surface in the bathroom, but if you want to save yourself from the stretching and reaching involved in cleaning a tub and shower, then consider using a product like Scrubbing Bubbles


Soaking pans and stubborn grime beforehand will be extremely helpful

We understand that it’s not your job and it’s one of the reasons why you hired us in the first place, but it takes twice as long to clean your house or office if stubborn leftovers are kept in the pots and bowls. By adding water to the mix beforehand, you’re allowing us more time to clean other parts of your property.

We enjoy investigating the contents of other people’s fridges

It’s interesting, to say the least. What you have in your fridge says plenty about who you are as a person, and it’s highly fascinating to us. This, however, doesn’t mean that we’ll consume anything. Most of us understand boundaries and respect your property, unless you tell us it’s alright to choose something during lunch time. We do appreciate that gesture, though.

Please give me enough notice if you decide to stop employing me

Remember, this is our livelihood. We depend on this job to feed our families, so if you only give us a week’s notice to prepare, we may end up unable to pay the bills next month. Not only is it humane to offer enough notice, we’ll appreciate you for letting us know instead of having to find out you’re moving while you’re busy packing.

It’s really helpful if you write me a list of things you need me to do

Having a list to work from, especially if you have specific tasks that need to be done, will help me tremendously. This way, you have every right to be mad at me if I don’t do what you ask of me. However, sometimes you get upset even if I didn’t even know those tasks had to be completed. Please write important things down in order for everyone to be on the same page.

A little kindness and respect goes a long way in this industry

Let’s face it, it may not be one of the most prestigious jobs to have in South Africa, but we offer a useful and important service none the less. However, we seldom get the respect and appreciation we deserve. If you can, please practise kindness and respect as much as you’d like to receive in return. We do make mistakes just like everyone else, so please put yourself in our shoes when something goes wrong.